Fifth Annual A-Town Rumble

Finding a cure for diabetes became VERY personal to me on October 29, 2007. That was the day that my then 8 year old son, Connor, (pictured below, now age 15) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Before that day, I really didn’t know much about diabetes. That quickly changed.


What is it Like to Have T1D? When you have diabetes, your body can’t properly use the energy from the food you eat. This problem is closely tied to how your body makes and uses insulin. Insulin is a substance made in your pancreas (an organ in your body) that helps to keep your blood sugar (glucose) within normal range unless you have diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes must take insulin to survive because their bodies cannot produce it. Managing type 1 diabetes and monitoring blood sugar levels can be overwhelming. Many diabetics suffer from long-term complications from the disease.

This Banner was Hung at 2013 Rumble recognizing Sponsors


Currently, managing T1D is relentless. It requires people to constantly balance insulin delivery against the amount of food eaten, the amount of exercise, and even the stress of the workplace or school. Few people, regardless of age, can focus on this balancing act every moment of the day. But technology can, starting with the artificial pancreas. Artificial pancreas (AP) systems will be the most revolutionary advance in diabetes care since the discovery of insulin. Like the body’s pancreas, AP systems will react to rising blood-glucose levels by combining monitoring technology with insulin pumps to provide the right amount of insulin at the right time. Not only will AP systems result in much tighter control, lowering the risk of health complications later in life, they will also reduce the constant worry about blood-sugar levels and what must be done to manage them. It is projected that it will cost $85Million over the next 5 years to bring the artificial pancreas to market.

All of the money that you donate will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to fund projects like  the Artificial Pancreas Project and to ultimately find a cure for Connor and 3 million others suffering from this disease. Until a cure is found, Connor and other T1D’s will always be at risk of suffering from diabetes’ serious health effects, including: kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage, amputations, heart attack, stroke and DEATH.

Thanks to the generosity of Sponsors & Riders, the A-Town Rumble raised > $5,000 in 2013

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This is an urban ride with a 30 MPH City speed limit, so all classes of bikes are welcome:) We ride in similar sized bike groups so no one is left behind. We’re planning to swarm the state capital and other points of interest while raising money for a great cause. So mark your calendar for July 13, 2013 and come to Albany! Everyone attendee will enjoy

  • A guided tour through the Capital District
  • Free bike pickup in the event of mechanical failure
  • Snacks upon return to the market

Purchase your Tickets, today!   This will be an epic journey. Along the way we will see Parks, the state Capital, a Dead US President and the Hudson River. We’ll return to the Market at end of the run for some munchies and to trade war stories:). 100% of the registration fee proceeds go to JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Please register ASAP. You can register at the door, but keep in mind that Event shirts, are only available to those who sign up for a Shirt and pre-register. Pre-registration will also give us an idea of how much food, drinks, etc. we will need. For Sponsorship Opportunities: Contact Chuck Price at 518-396-5550518-396-5550 or log onto


The “Whole Hog” Sponsorship Level


Get your Company Logo on the official Event Tee-shirt, your Logo & a Link to your Website from, a Guest Blog Post on, Recognition on the ATR Facebook Page as a sponsor, an event Tee, plus Your Company name on a banner at the event. $1,000


The “Full Throttle” Sponsorship Level


Get your company Logo on the Event Tee-shirt,  Recognition on the ATR Facebook Page,  your company name on a banner at the event, plus an event Tee $500


The “Muscle” Sponsorship Level


Get your company name on the Event Tee-shirt and banner at the event, Recognition on the ATR Facebook Page plus an event Tee. $250


The “Kick Start” Sponsorship Level


Get your company name on the Event Tee-shirt, plus receive an event Tee. $100

Individual Sponsorships – “Weekend Warrior”


Get recognition and thanks on the ATR Facebook Page $50


Donations must be made in the form of cash/check/money order made payable to “JDRF”.  Credit/debit cards accepted via PayPal. Non-cash food donations are gratefully accepted for before and after rally munchies. All contributors will be provided with a receipt of donation and Tax Identification Number for tax purposes.

Please mail your donation by June  27 so we have time to recognize your Sponsorship on the shirts, banner & websites.

Please Mail Donations to: Cindy Price, C/O JDRF, 2 N Lyons Ave, Menands NY 12204