“It was a Ride Down Not to Forget!” – Whiskey Dick Rally IV

by admin on May 11, 2015

Stroudsburg, Pa, 4/24/26/2015
Bob Addis
Scott said best in thwd4-logoe title above.  Can you say cold?  Can you look and feel cold?
Brian Pease rode his Burgman 400 down from Milton, just north of Burlington, VT on Thursday and encountered a snow storm (as opposed to several previous flurries) which deposited 0.25 inch of snow and ice on his windshield.  Rather than stopping at the rest center on the VT-NY border, he decided to ride through since it was wasn’t sticking to the pavement at that time.  Brian was a bit chilly when he got to Bob’s house in Cohoes!
Friday AM seven of us brave Rumbler souls met at Johnny B’s Diner in Glenmont for breakfast and mutual encouragement: Dan Dwyer, Chuck Price, Scott Brodie, John Connors, Howard Ferrin, Brian Pease, and Bob Addis.   It was in the 30’s or possibly low 40’s all of the 6.5 hour day of riding under cloudy skies, really testing man and beast.  After the first gas stop on Saugerties, Howard’s 150 cc wouldn’t start  since his electric gloves proved to be too much of a draw, but a friendly guy in a pickup gave him a jump start.  I asked, but the guy wouldn’t follow us to Stroudsburg!  And Howard couldn’t use his electric gloves, so he was guaranteed cold hands, at least.
We shivered our way down Rt. 209 with Bob on the P200E in the lead – “Eat My 2-
Stroke!” – and all others riding 4-cycle machines.  A few commented on a more pleasant scent since Bob had recently switched oils; others commented differently.
We arrived in Stroudsburg and at the hotel – thanks for the scenic gps neighborhood tour, John – before registration was set up, so we had lots of time to settle in and kick scooter tires as arrivals poured in.  Chuck Price, Sr., our Syracuse member, rolled in within 5 minutes of our arrival, the same time as another year!  How does he do it?  Is he telepathically connected to his son?   🙂
Friday night dinner was the same ride as the previous year to a tavern on a hill, only it wasn’t raining and pitch black for the ride back!
Some Rumblers had discovered previously that the Saturday 9:30 ride would be the longer one, so we got up early and prepared for it.  By then the weather had improved (sunny) and the ride was great.  For lunch, the rally took over a tavern and the rally volunteers grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, had salads for $5.  That’s the way to do it!  Simple, cheap and the bar got some trade.
A taco party led to a pool party, some music and the evenings awards and raffle drawings.
  Longest Distance on a Modern – Brian Pease, 318 miles – Whiskey & a 25 lb. boat anchor
  Longest on a Vintage – Bob Addis, 165 miles – Whiskey and a huge overstuffed teddy bear
It would appear that our hosts, the Middle of Nowhere Scooter Club have a great sense of humor for scooterist awards, but the Rumblers are not without a payback!  Be certain to attend our rally in July to see how it plays out!   🙂
Bob also won a nice custom made English scooter jacket, but gave it to John since Bob doesn’t wear coats or jackets as a fashion statement.  He won it on the one raffle ticket including our the goodie bag!  Perhaps his annoying streak of luck is returning!
Sunday’s ride home was straightforward and tolerable.  The sun was out until Catskill and we made slightly better time.
A good time was had by all, and we hope to see many of the Whiskey Dick participants at the A*Town Rumble in June.

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